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The Silence is Broken! is dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of God’s prophetic plan for mankind and current events in the Middle East and where they are headed within the context of God’s prophetic word.

What silence is going to be broken? The Silence of God which characterizes this present age will soon be broken.

God has not left us in the dark concerning how or why this age will end and the next phase of His prophetic plan will begin. God’s mechanism and prophetic design for how the Day of the Lord and God’s judgments are initiated is dramatically revealed in His Holy Scriptures. How will the Church age end and the Day of the Lord begin? The rapture of the Christian Church will soon take place. The birth pangs of the End Times will begin with a great convergence of events which comprise the Beginning of Sorrows. The prophecy of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will soon be fulfilled. A war in the Middle East, accompanied by a global earthquake, will become such a cataclysmic event it will literally change the world. These earthshaking topics are explored in five dynamic books:

Israel: A History of Significant Curiosities

The Fullness of Times

The Silence is Broken!

When God Intervenes

God's Challenge!